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Day 3 of Snow Jam 2014

Well my boss texted me this morning asking that I try to come in about 11 am. I said that it shouldn't be a problem if I could get my brother in law to take me to my car. He of course said no problem and at 10 we were headed the half mile to my car. Now before we left I got on the Cobb County DOT site and checked to make sure they had treated Bankhead highway, which they had. So Randy and I left in his Jeep and make it to my car without incident. A few icy patches in the shade but not bad as long as you didn't have to stop. We get to the little store I left my car at and the parking lot is still a solid sheet of ice and snow. But I figured if I could get off the icy patch I was currently on I would be fine. Apparently the powers that be had a different plan for me today. I have no idea if I could have driven this morning, nor if my car would start after being abandoned in sub freezing temps. My doors won't open!!! Apparently they are frozen shut. So I called my boss and explained the situation (I seem to be the only person who had that issue), luckily she was very understanding and told me to home and try again tomorrow. We are supposed to see temps close to 40 by mid afternoon, so Randy and I will try again to get the car. I am officially going on record to state that I hate ice!


I have lived in Georgia all my life, usually within 30 miles north or west of Atlanta. Yesterday was the first time that I have seen snow and ice cause so much havoc. Collapse )
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Writer's Block: Circle the date

What's your favorite holiday, and why? Are there any holidays you dislike?
My favorite holiday as a child is still my favorite holiday, Halloween. My birthday is the day before and up until I was 8 years old I thought the entire world dressed up just for me. Imagine my heartbreak when I discovered that wasn't the case lol. My dad always went all out on Halloween, his costume, the decorations for the house, of course it helped that he made artifical limbs for living so we always had spare body parts to really give the house a creepy feeling. I do the same now, my house is always decked out and our yard is transformed into a huge graveyard every year. However, it more than just the candy and the parties, I love the magic behind Halloween, the costumes, the ability to be whatever you want to be for at least one night. That willingness to believe that anything is possible whether it be fairies, vampires, ghost or alien. Whatever one wants is within their grasp on Halloween. Heck I even have some decorations that stay up all year.

We're not big on Easter since the kids all grew up, but I still do eggs for the grand-babies. And Valentine's day isn't huge either, just small boxes of candy hearts for the kids. Basically, any big holiday is an excuse for a celebration around here and that is always of the good. Get all my family together, a big meal and I'm happy.


I'm reading a supernatural/buffy crossover that so far is pretty good. However, I just about choked on my coffee when a women in Sam's dream was described as "elderly, 40 at least" excuse me? But did I miss a memo, is 40 now considered elderly? I mean, I know I'm not 20 anymore, and my body definitely knows this, somethings I just don't recover from as well as I used to, but elderly? Really? I think I prefer Jon Bon Jovi's statement, "I'm not old, just older"

I can live with this *grin*

What Man from Stargate Atlantis is right for you?
Your Result: John Shepard

The smart, and slightly sarcastic leader of SGA-1. He is always playing the hero, even when he almost gets killed everytime. He also seems to have an affinity for attracting ascended women.

Carson Beckett
Radek Zelenka
Aidan Ford
(Meredith) Rodney McKay
Michael Kenmore
Steve the Wraith
Ronon Dex
What Man from Stargate Atlantis is right for you?
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Tequlia with the boys

Shots of tequlia tonight with my son and his best friend who happens to be married to my niece Amber, and is leaving for Korea next week. Tonight was the last night that Alexander and Zach were going to get to see each other as Alex's christmas leave is over and he leaves tomorrow hench the tequlia tonight. I forgot how much I don't like the taste of it.
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Happy Holidays!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday yesterday and that it was spent in the comfort of loving family and friends. We always do our Christmas with my side of the family on Christmas eve and as in the past it was a blast. My future Sister in Law gave me a lovely candle set and some Jewelry. I got the new Nora Roberts book from my daughter, a laptop cooling pad, servings dishes, and remote control organizer from my son and his family, and from my son Alexander I got The Captain's Log, a collection of episodes from all 5 of the Star Trek series. Then yesterday hubby gave me an e-reader, a gift card to Borders and Penny's, season 3 of Atlantis and a whole bunch of candy.

One of the best things about yesterday though was we had a white Christmas. I am 48 years old and can only remember one other time that it snowed on Christmas day and then it melted by noon. Yesterday, it snowed all day and today there is about an inch and a half on the ground and they are calling for more snow today. It is absolutely beautiful. Granted it put a kabosh on the kids and nieces and nephews coming by yesterday as the roads were a bit iffy, so a very relaxing day spent watching the snow, drinking hot Christmas punch and playing with my Cruz reader.

So again, happy holidays to all here and may the remainder of this year be filled with peace, love, good health and plenty of laughter. Hugs you all tightly.

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to jackwabbit for the wonderful v-giftie. I love it and plan on using it to get away as often as possible, it looks like it will handle like a dream. Plus, red...my favorite color *grin*

You're the bestest!

Futon woes

Remember the shiny new futon I put together last weekend? Well, on Monday, I decided to see exactly how big the bed was and to make sure that I had enough room for it opened out. The damn thing broke! The left hinge thingy just snapped right off. So I sent an email to Fingerhut, along with my order number and requested they send me a replacement part. No response, then on Wednesday I finally got a response, item back-ordered, will be sent by October 15th. WTF!!! I need the part now, Sallye and the girls start getting here on Tuesday for DragonCon and I need the bedspace. I called customer service, spent an hour with the idiot child they had manning the phones with her constantly telling me how sorry she was for my inconvenience, but there really wasn't anything they could do. I finally got her to put me on the phone with her supervisor and after threatening to cancel my account with Fingerhut, she suggested that they send an entire replacement bed, I take the parts I need and send the rest back. I made sure that they were paying shipping this time and that I wouldn't be charged any extra since the frame alone is more expensive than the frame and mattress and finally we reached an agreement. The new frame will be here on Tuesday.

Plans for today, putting together the new coffee and end tables that Fingerhut sent. Hope the instructions are a little more detailed.
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Summer of Stargate Fic: A Different Life PG

Title: A Different Life
Artist: milanthruil
Genre: AU
Rating: PG
Pairing: Daniel/Sha're, Daniel/Janet
Summary: When Dr. Daniel Jackson and his young wife are offered a chance to go back to Egypt and try solve the mysteries that have surrounded them their entire life they jump at the chance. However, excitement soon turns to tragedy and Daniel is left reeling. Can he learn to trust the very people he first held responsible for Sha're's death?

Author's notes: I almost forgot to do this *bad me* Thank you so much to my wonderful beta Irina, she worked wonders on this story and I think I actually learned a bit about comma usage *grin* Also, some of the dialogue is taken directly from the movie.

link to A Different Life

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