August 28th, 2010


Futon woes

Remember the shiny new futon I put together last weekend? Well, on Monday, I decided to see exactly how big the bed was and to make sure that I had enough room for it opened out. The damn thing broke! The left hinge thingy just snapped right off. So I sent an email to Fingerhut, along with my order number and requested they send me a replacement part. No response, then on Wednesday I finally got a response, item back-ordered, will be sent by October 15th. WTF!!! I need the part now, Sallye and the girls start getting here on Tuesday for DragonCon and I need the bedspace. I called customer service, spent an hour with the idiot child they had manning the phones with her constantly telling me how sorry she was for my inconvenience, but there really wasn't anything they could do. I finally got her to put me on the phone with her supervisor and after threatening to cancel my account with Fingerhut, she suggested that they send an entire replacement bed, I take the parts I need and send the rest back. I made sure that they were paying shipping this time and that I wouldn't be charged any extra since the frame alone is more expensive than the frame and mattress and finally we reached an agreement. The new frame will be here on Tuesday.

Plans for today, putting together the new coffee and end tables that Fingerhut sent. Hope the instructions are a little more detailed.