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Writer's Block: Circle the date

What's your favorite holiday, and why? Are there any holidays you dislike?
My favorite holiday as a child is still my favorite holiday, Halloween. My birthday is the day before and up until I was 8 years old I thought the entire world dressed up just for me. Imagine my heartbreak when I discovered that wasn't the case lol. My dad always went all out on Halloween, his costume, the decorations for the house, of course it helped that he made artifical limbs for living so we always had spare body parts to really give the house a creepy feeling. I do the same now, my house is always decked out and our yard is transformed into a huge graveyard every year. However, it more than just the candy and the parties, I love the magic behind Halloween, the costumes, the ability to be whatever you want to be for at least one night. That willingness to believe that anything is possible whether it be fairies, vampires, ghost or alien. Whatever one wants is within their grasp on Halloween. Heck I even have some decorations that stay up all year.

We're not big on Easter since the kids all grew up, but I still do eggs for the grand-babies. And Valentine's day isn't huge either, just small boxes of candy hearts for the kids. Basically, any big holiday is an excuse for a celebration around here and that is always of the good. Get all my family together, a big meal and I'm happy.
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