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I have lived in Georgia all my life, usually within 30 miles north or west of Atlanta. Yesterday was the first time that I have seen snow and ice cause so much havoc. Granted we don't get a lot of snow and ice here, and when we do it usually shuts the city down. We've learned to take the teasing from our friends from the north who think we are all whimps. But I am telling you right now after yesterday I am sticking firm to the rule, if white stuff is falling from the sky and I am not home, I am leaving wherever I am and I am going home. Because yesterday I believed what the weather people said (I know stupid on my part) and I didn't leave work until it had been snowing for over an hour. I work 16 miles from my house. It took me over 4 hours to get home and I had to park my car at the end of my street and walk the last 1/2 mile. I will admit, I was feeling pretty sorry for myself until I talked to my son Alan, who had been trying for 5 hours and still wasn't home (he had about the same distance to go). Then I found out that one of my grandchildren was stranded at school because they didn't let out until after one and by then the roads were too jacked up for the buses to navigate the narrow county roads. At 9 pm there were still buses stranded on the roads with over 8,000 students either on buses or stranded at school. By this morning, we still had about 3000 students in the metro area stranded. Luckily my grandson got home last night about 10. Everyone I know had family stranded overnight on the interstates. The last member of my family, my niece's husband, finally made it home about 2 this afternoon, more than 24 hours after he left work. The interstates are now litered with abandoned cars and it looks like something out of The Walking Dead. We had a little melting tonight, but the temps are going down to 18 tonight so everything will refreeze. The governor is asking that business stay closed tomorrow so that the roads can get cleared, schools and government offices have already closed for tomorrow. IMG_0914

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