oneofaradia (oneofaradia) wrote,

Day 3 of Snow Jam 2014

Well my boss texted me this morning asking that I try to come in about 11 am. I said that it shouldn't be a problem if I could get my brother in law to take me to my car. He of course said no problem and at 10 we were headed the half mile to my car. Now before we left I got on the Cobb County DOT site and checked to make sure they had treated Bankhead highway, which they had. So Randy and I left in his Jeep and make it to my car without incident. A few icy patches in the shade but not bad as long as you didn't have to stop. We get to the little store I left my car at and the parking lot is still a solid sheet of ice and snow. But I figured if I could get off the icy patch I was currently on I would be fine. Apparently the powers that be had a different plan for me today. I have no idea if I could have driven this morning, nor if my car would start after being abandoned in sub freezing temps. My doors won't open!!! Apparently they are frozen shut. So I called my boss and explained the situation (I seem to be the only person who had that issue), luckily she was very understanding and told me to home and try again tomorrow. We are supposed to see temps close to 40 by mid afternoon, so Randy and I will try again to get the car. I am officially going on record to state that I hate ice!

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